Vion, a Milesian sculptor of the 5th-century BC, created the golden tripod and the statue of Nike [Victory], dedicated by Gelon, King of Syracusae, to Apollo at Delphi. He lived an interesting, but never the less tragic life…

He was a celebrated sculptor in his birthtown city Miletus, of the Asia Minor region, until the Medean troops conquered it, and, according to the prophecy of Pythia “Barbarians took over the care of the temple of Milesian Apollon”…

Vion became a refugee in Sicily, where he received there for the second time in his life, recognition as a sculptor.

He was lucky enough to witness a victory against the Barbarians who were prepared to destroy his new home: The victory of Gelon, King of Syracusae, against the Phoenicians. He also saw his own works of art, King’s offered dedications to Apollo, established in Delphi.

Even today we can see his name engraved at the monument base of Gelon’s dedications, to the NE of Apollo’s sanctuary temple at Delphi: Interestingly, his name is engraved in the Milesian dialect….

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