Valentinian, Valens and Delphi
Valentinian & his brother Valens as co-Augustus

One can notice as he walks towards the entrance of the Delphic Sanctuary to the left, a huge inscribed block of stone. It is the greatest one-stone base of the Sanctuary and if he looks carefully, on the top of the stone are the remnants of four human feet.

This was the statue base for the statues of two Roman Emperors who co-reigned in the 4th century AD. Valentinian and Valens, co-Augustus (Synaugoustoi), were the first “openly” christian Emperors (Constantine the Great became a Christian at the very end of his life).

Yet, and though Delphi remained a central point of the old religion, they honoured the Christian Emperors just the same…

On the surface of a clay lamp of that period, we see the figure of Jesus in the form of Orpheus: The Victor over Death is now different, yet an effort to be presented as a well-known one is obvious…

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