The beautiful Rhodope in love with Aesop
The beautiful Rhodope in love with Aesop engraving by Bartolozzi (1782 after Kauffmans original).

Rhodopis was a celebrated Hetaera (i.e. a prostitute, but rather in a sense of a woman with low morality, who knew how to offer spiritual pleasure along with that of the flesh). She lived in the late seventh to sixth century BC.

She offered a gift to Delphian Apollo, bought with the money of her profession:

Large “oxen-penetrating” iron spits, oveloi, a reminiscent of male power. In that way, she indicated that she could achieve the goals desired by males.

She is well – known by being accused for spending the money of Charaxus, brother of the poet Sappho, from the Island of Lesbos, one of the most important lyric poets of Greece.

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