The early 6th century B.C. Spartan colonists, towards south Italy, were directed by Pythia of Delphi to the central gulf of Magna Grecia. An oracle was given to them: “You ‘ll win the barbarians in the battlefield when you’ll see rain falling from the clear sky”.

Phalantus, Aithra and Delphi -

Phalantus and Aithra, Silvana Galeone; Centro Culturale Filonide, Taranto. (source).

After years of struggle in vain, their leader Phalanthus, seated disappointed, saw the tears of his wife, hairsplitting on his head, falling on him…. Yet, her name was Aithra, which means “clear sky” in greek…. Phalanthus understood the meaning of the oath…

In that place his warriors stood and gave the ultimate battle -they won and founded the colony of Taras, the only Spartan colony.

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