Cyniras, King of Cyprus, starts with arrogance, bragging that his daughter Myrrha is more beautiful than Aphrodite, so the goddess punishes him by inflicting the poor girl with a never-ending lust for her father.

Cyniras is horrified that his daughter keeps wanting to come sexually in contact  him, but eventually she has her way by disguising herself as a prostitute. Eventually Myrrha becomes pregnant and is discovered by her father, who is so enraged, he grabs a knife and chases her out of the house.

As she flees she begs the gods for mercy and they hear her prayer and change her into a Myrrh tree (a tree that drips Myrrh, you know one of the gifts the Maggi brought to the baby Jesus) so her father can’t kill her. There’s nothing Cyniras can do, so in order to restore honour to his family, he tops himself.

The tree gives birth to a baby (your guess is as good as mine) and what a coincedence, who happens to be walking past at that moment to take pity on the poor child? Aphrodite, who caused the situation in the first place.

Aphrodite sends the child off to Hades so Persephone can take care of it. He grows up to be Adonis, and becomes Aphrodite’s lover.

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