Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus

Roman emperor Hadrian visited Delphi twice, during his reign, in the early 2nd century A.D.

At one of his visits, he was accompanied by his favourite companion, Antinous, who later passed away in a rather tragic way, during a visit to Egypt. Hadrian was so sad by his loss, that he founded worship altars (“Antinoeia”) all over the Roman Empire, to keep Antinous’ memory alive.

the discovery of the statue of Antinous, Delphi_1894

We can see and admire one of the most beautiful statues of Antinous worldwide, in the last [“roman”] hall of the Delphic Museum exhibition.

the statue of Antinous as exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi

Inscriptions mentioning his interventions in the Amphictyony, (the organisation responsible for the functioning of the Delphic Sanctuary and Pythian games) were found at Apollo’ s temenos, as well as at that of Athena Pronaia.

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