Brennus, the leader of the army of Galatians.
Brennus, the leader of the army of Galatians.

The troops of Brennus, leader of the army of Galatians attacking Greece, found defeat and death nearby Delphi, confronted by the Aetolians in 279 BC, in a similar way to the one that, centuries ago, the army of Medes was defeated by the Greek forces.

Tradition says that, in both cases, physical phenomena (crumbling of stones from mount Parnassus, a song from God according to historians) brought panic to both, Medoi and Galatians.

One can admire today, to the West of Apollo’s Temple at Delphi, the base of deified Aetolia, the Victor – and further to the West, the Aetolian Stoa. Inside the stoa, Aetolians deposed the armories and spears of the Galatians as gifts to Apollo.

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