A sculpture exhibition at the Delphi Archaeological Museum by Theodoros Papayannis.

The 11th ANIMART – experiential art school, forum and festival on contemporary creativity-, starts today July 10 at Delphi, Greece. Animart will approach through workshops, lectures, screenings, exhibitions, competitions and seminars the concept of transformation (μεταμόρφωσις / metamorphosis) as a timeless cultural element.

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Great memories connect me with Delphi. From the student years I was visiting this sacred space, but also as a teacher I was coming with my students for exercises. In particular, for drawing. It was a happiness for me to move between the ruins and above all in the museum rooms. I designed sculptures, olives, tombs. I wandered to the ruins, drew marble compositions, and admired the craftsmanship that every stone contained in it. In the temple of Athena Pronaia the front columns, cluttered, as they were, resembled giants in decomposition. There, somewhere, I found the metopes and the triglyphs with the cross and the vines embraced.

Animart 2017 - WITHOUT WORDS by Theodoros Papayannis
Animart 2017 “Without Words” a sculpture exhibition by Theodorow Papayannis.

My best drawings were in Delphi. Later, with foreign teachers, we brought our students and worked there. Through these studies and memories, I have prepared a series of sculptures to exhibit in the museum foyer. The basic composition is a crowd around the navel; an issue that is of concern to me for years. A multitude of terracotta human forms lined up in an amphitheatrical formation behind the navel, something like a ceremony, as I want to call it.

Theodoros Papayannis

Sculptor, Emeritus Professor, Athens School of Fine Arts



where: Delphi Archaeological Museum

when: July – September 2017

tel.:+30 22650 82312

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