a Ros Bandt and Jon Drummond (live electronics and video) performance

World Premiere

The 11th ANIMART – experiential art school, forum and festival on contemporary creativity-, starts today July 10 at Delphi, Greece. Animart will approach through workshops, lectures, screenings, exhibitions, competitions and seminars the concept of transformation (μεταμόρφωσις / metamorphosis) as a timeless cultural element.

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From the Castalian Spring” is a new commissioned work to celebrate 90 years of Delphic festivals, to be live streamed internationally.

Ros Bandt and Jon Drummond (live electronics and video) will celebrate these 90 years since the first Delphic festivals, at the Museum of Delphic Festivals – House of Eva & Aggelos Sikelianos illuminated courtyard performing a new work especially for the occasion.

An underwater video from the waters of the sacred spring will be interpreted as an contemporary oracle.

Castalian Spring


Dr. Jon Drummond is a sound artist and composer whose work explores interactive electroacoustics, robotics, sonification of natural phenomena, acoustic ecology, and real-time interactive performance systems for acoustic instruments.

His works have been presented at many festivals and conferences, including The Adelaide Festival, the International Computer Music Conferences, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Jon currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer, Media Arts & Production / Sound & Music Design Program in Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Technology, Sydney.

He is co-director of the Creativity and Cognition Studios. His research interests include human-computer interaction design, new interfaces for musical expression, gesture analysis, improvisation, sound spatialisation and data sonification.

2016: Light Traces for light controlled analogue music and video synthesisers. New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2016 (NIME 2016), Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, Grey Street South Brisbane.

2015: Electroflorescent Hurdy Gurdy (Michael Atherton) and Live Sound Processing, ABC Classic FM Physical Meets Virtual, The 2015 Annual Conference of the Australasian Computer Music Association.

2015: Mossbot, SynC. Moss and Robot 107 Projects Redfern.

2013: EchoSonics: Twittering Machine (2013), Sonification of Twitter feeds via physical computing. International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2013.

2013: EchoSonics: Flowforms, (2004-2013), Sonification of water flow. International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2013.

Ros Bandt is an award winning international sound artist from Australia who has created a star studded practice of sound art, electroacoustic composition, sound installation, inventions, performances, original instruments, books, CDs and writings.

She has made unusual environmental sculptures such as the 107 String Aeolian Harps at Lake Mungo, interactive mixed media installations such as the Coathanger installation with TVs, 1977, interactive sensored spatial music systems, audible paintings, sound playgrounds, permanent public art, live performance art with international artists, and played in bands from early music to noise.

Recently she has become the Tarhu nomad, divining her sensitivity to place through the bowed spike fiddle, and electro-acoustic site- specific recordings.

She has composed in five world heritage sites including Keramikos in Athens, the Yerebatan Cistern in Istanbul and Ggantija in Malta. She is famous for her soundings of unusual acoustic spaces such as wheat silos, water tank (her first vinyl, Improvisations in Acoustic Chambers, 1981), limestone quarries (Mt Gambier 1987), swimming pools (Florida 1989), salt mines (Austria 1993), historic buildings (Warsaw 1994), and Japanese underwater environments of the Ama (2005-8).

She has pioneered the use endangered sounds in her installations and radiophonic works since the nineties, contributing to environmental and sound culture awareness, recording and interpreting Indigenous and multi-cultural languages in change, native wild life, old machinery, lost classical languages, Goatherd songs of Crete, the endangered sound of the Isobue, Japanese Sea Whistle, and the fleeting sounds of Aeolian harps and casuarinas.

Her CD Sonic Archaeologies contains award-winning works of the archaeology of the land, Mungo and the archaeology of the word, Thrausmata, ancient Greek for Fragments. These were both commissioned by the Studio of Acoustic Art in Cologne at the West Deutscher Rundfunk. In 2009 Mungo was exhibited as an installation at the Artium Gallery Japan for the international Mind in Sound Exhibition.

She has just collaborated with international artists in Hania, Crete for the exhibition Listening through walls, interpreting ancient sites in Malta with tarhu and electronics, and touring Birdsong with Trio Avium, playing baroque recorders in Tuscany with Ornithologists.

In 2014 her commissions included Windharps for 10 harps installed in a giant spiders web for the International Harp Conference in Sydney and Raptor, a 6 channel electro-acoustic work for Arizona’s ListenN festival.

Her music is elegant and lush, engulfing and demanding. Her sound palette and sound art are unique, sculptural and performative, such as playing glass music to videos of Jellyfish, or the outdoor Blue Gold on a lake with musicians, balance beam bamboo sculpture and video projections.

As well as her original work she curates large events such as Beaming the Theremin and Hearing Place international audioteque. She has founded the Australian sound design project online gallery and database of sound designs in public space in Australia, www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au.

With her other academic publications she won the award for excellence in academic research at the University of Melbourne.

She has a PhD in musicology from Monash University and has been awarded Australia’s highest honours, the Don Banks Composers Award, The ABC sound artist in residence, the Sound Art Australia prize, the National Film and Sound Archive Cochrane Smith Sound Heritage Award, and in the USA, she became the Inaugural Benjamin Cohen Peace fellow for Innovation for her sound installation Altars of Power and Desire.



where: Delphi, Angelos & Eva Sikelianos – Museum of the Delphic Festivals

when: 17 July at 22.00

tel.:+30 22650 82175

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