Aesop and Delphi -
Aesop. Cast in pushkin museum from original in Art Collection of Villa Albani, Roma

Aesop, a slave of Phrygian origin, who lived in the island of Samos in the 6th cBC, is well-known for his ability to fabricate “fables” (“mythoi”). He was sentenced to death in Delphi, accused that he had stolen precious artifacts, gifts to Apollo. Yet, it looks like he was the victim of a conspiracy [Delphiotes hided these artifacts inside his luggage when he was leaving Delphi, because they were insulted by him – he criticized them as self-seekers and false-believers, who only wanted to draw some money from the visitors of the Sanctuary].

It is important to note that an oral tradition of early modern times, indicating that a surplus of grain (hidden inside the luggage of a monk of the Monastery that was founded on the ruins of the ancient Gymnasium of Delphi, travelling to visit his parents) disappeared as a result of a divine intervention, is ascribed to the ancient tradition concerning the conspiracy against Aesop.

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